Student’s Competence Appreciation

Student’s Competence Appreciation

As a token of appreciation, Diploma of Software Engineering Application Telkom University, provides a reward(s) for student’s competencies or activities. However, it comes with document administration that the student has to fulfil in advanced. Documents about this program available on Indonesian only. You can check these documents in this post.

[Comm Service] Web Catalogue for Kossuma

A few days ago, 2 groups from D3RPLA Study Program Telkom University collaborated with Salimah Kossuma (Koperasi Syariah Usaha Salimah) in Bandung to create a web catalogue. This website is intended so that Kossuma can carry out the business with IT support in the middle of the pandemic situation. These […]

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Become a D3 RPLA

The name changes of D3IF to D3RPLA is based on the decision of the Minister of Research and Technology (Menristek Dikti in Indonesia) No. 747 / KPT / I / 2018.

UI/UX Design: Lecture by Practitioner

On Friday, December, 13th. Diploma of Application Software Engineering collaborate with others diploma on School of Applied Science held public lecture with Pasca Susena H. S.Ds., M.Ds. Hopefully, this event open student’s knowledge about how design is made.

Student’s IoT-Product Exhibition

On December 10, student’s of Diploma of Application Software Engineering, held an exhibition of Internet of Things (IoT) products. These products are built as an assignment for Sensor-Based Programming course. Students are supervised by Fath’ah Nur P. and Mia Rosmiati which are the lecturer of this course. Many things are […]

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Agreement with Yayasan Fathul Huda

Today (Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019), Diploma of Application Software Engineering, School of Applied Sciences, Telkom University, has signed an MoU and a cooperation agreement with the Yayasan Fathul Huda, Bandung. Hopefully, this collaboration will bring goodness to Yayasan Fathul Huda and Telkom University.

[Comm Service] CCTV Instalation

A few days ago, teams at D3RPLA’s study program held community service with the title: Infrastructure & CCTV instalation with Wireless 8 Channel NVR in RT05 / RW06, Sukapura Village, Dayeuh Kolot District. This community service’s group consists of 2 lecturers and 5 students, which are: Gandeva Bayu Satrya Tri […]

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