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[Comm Service] Web Catalogue for Kossuma

A few days ago, 2 groups from D3RPLA Study Program Telkom University collaborated with Salimah Kossuma (Koperasi Syariah Usaha Salimah) in Bandung to create a web catalogue. This website is intended so that Kossuma can carry out the business with IT support in the middle of the pandemic situation.

These groups have member: Cahyana, Reza Budiawan, Hetti Hidayati, Ratu Ratna (D3 Hospitality), Dahliar Ananda, and Hariandi Maulid, and Cahyana is the coordinator which coordinating this event. The two groups collaborated to make the web, as well as conducting training for installation and configuration later in cloud hosting.

In this event, a meeting with Kossuma was held by showing the mockup from this web catalogue. At the same time consulting for installation on web hosting such as the use of the domain and also configuration and the cost that needed later. Adapting to the pandemic situation, a meeting was held via Google Meet to listen to the opinions of Kossuma Salimah. This meeting was held on 30 May 2020 ago.

Many things were discussed at this meeting, and discussions continued in the WA Group. Hopefully, this collaboration will advantageous for each other.

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