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[Comm Service] Community Official Web

On September 28, 2019, lecturer in Diploma of Application Software Engineering (formerly D3 Informatics Engineering) held a Community Service activity. This activity, which is one of tri dharma of Higher Education, was held at Selaru Building, Telkom University.

This activity comes in 2 sessions which were held by 2 separated groups. In the first session, RBD and DAN present a course material about how to make your official blog for community. For the second session, RIM, CAH, and RBD present a material content on how to make your own personal blog to enhanced digital marketing and personal branding.

In this activity, RBD and DAN made an official web for PKM partners, namely PD Salimah Bandung. The official website can be accessed in this URL: http://salimah-bandung.or.id/. This activity is divided into 2 major sections, developed the website, and training activity to modify the website.

The following is the footage of training activity.

At the end of the activity, the lecturers involved in it also received souvenirs from the PD Salimah administrator in Bandung. Hopefully, this activity can be useful for lecturers of D3 RPLA and also PD Salimah in Bandung.

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