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D3RPLA Event: IT in Industri 4.0

On August 27, 2019, ago, D3RPLA–the Diploma of Application Software Engineering (formerly Diploma of Informatics Engineering), Faculty of Applied Sciences, Telkom University–held a general lecture on the topic “Information Technology to face the Industrial Era 4.0”. The speaker of this public lecture is GDP Labs. GDP Labs, founded in 2012, is a software product development-centric organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has 5 remote offices in Bandung, Bali, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

The event began by singing “Indonesia Raya” and March of Telkom University.

The next session was a presentation from GDP Labs. Before started the presentation, GDP Labs invited student representatives to go on stage and ask for their opinions about industry 4.0. Then, they explained about industry 4.0. Afterwards, they explain about roles in the IT world. There are various roles that are explained, namely: Software Engineer, System Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, and Product Manager.

The series of events did not stop there, there was also Q&A session from participants to GDP Labs.

Then, this event continue with the meeting between student representatives and the lecturers of the D3RPLA. Here, students can talk freely about their feeling and giving their input & suggestion in order to make D3RPLA have a better process from the student’s point of view.

The event was organized neatly. Hopefully, this event can strengthen the unity between the “member” (students, staffs, & lectures) of D3RPLA.

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