Industrial Cooperation

DAQRI – United States of America.L7DAQRI_blue

DAQRI is a technology company in the United States who are developing the technology Smart Helmet technology-based on Augmented Reality

PT XSIS Mitra Utama
Established in 2005, PT. Xsis Mitra Utama (Xsis) is known as an IT player company who provides IT Expert Service, System Development Service, IT Managed Services, and IT Learning & Training Services. Supported by nearly 400 strong and certified talents, Xsis is recognized as a company who always commits to deliver the best value to its customers. One of the key success factors is People Readiness program, which was built and kept improved based on market demands, trends, as well as great methodologies. Those are the commitments shown which always colors the whole delivery processes as part of Equine Technologies Group philosophy.

PT. Computrade Technology Internationalcti

An IT consulting firm that is advising IT solutions for its clients. CTI has six subsidiaries, namely Blue Power Technology, Central Data Technology, Virtus, Xsis, NPP, and PT XDC Indonesia.

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